Work Wonders

S4 Ep 1: Your HR questions answered

September 11, 2023 Season 4 Episode 1
Work Wonders
S4 Ep 1: Your HR questions answered
Show Notes

Welcome to Season 4!

We started this podcast to answer your questions about managing people. And since we've begun, we have received some interesting questions. We're using the very first episode of our new season to give you some answers.

Here's what you have asked:

  1. What if someone resigns while doing higher duties?
  2. Is a new employee allowed to take leave during probation?
  3. How can I trust a new employee to do the work like I would?
  4. I’ve got a remote worker who was ill but feels like they can work through because they are working from home. Should I ask them to take a sick day or let them work through?
  5. I’ve just made an offer to hire a new employee but they’ve asked me for more money because their current employer made them an offer to stay. Should I make a counter offer?

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